What We Do


Executive Coaching

Today’s leaders are tasked with more uncertainty and responsibility than ever before. In order to meet the day to day challenges of leading teams, leaders need to leverage their innate strengths and grow their emotional intelligence skills.

Executive Coaching supports leaders so they can:

  • Increase their influence
  • Make better decisions faster
  • Develop their emotional intelligence
  • Delegate with more success
  • Deepen resiliency
  • Communicate for impact

Leadership Labs

Growing a team of top performers means empowering them to be emotionally intelligent leaders. They grow together as they learn new frameworks and share insights with each other. We create a team of accountability partners who support each other and apply what they learn immediately.  What outcomes do you want for your team or organization?

  • Diversify your pipeline of leaders
  • Support high performers to be promotion ready
  • Increase engagement, performance and overall well being
  • Decrease conflict and grow an emotionally intelligent team

How do you want to implement learning and connection?  Quarterly 90 minute sessions (virtual or in person).  Half or full day team building events.


Are you looking for significant growth for your team or organization? Let’s customize a plan of action that works for the unique needs of your team. We’ll meet team members and leaders where they are to support your people and performance objectives.

Some components we’ll consider:

  • Individual assessments
  • Intake interviews
  • Interactive learning experiences
  • One to one coaching



Kolbe Assessment

All of us have innate problem-solving instincts that we use in collaboration with our cognitive (IQ) and emotional (EQ) intelligence.  Knowing and understanding what these innate strengths are at the individual and team level is key to delivering results that rock.

If you and/or your team wants to achieve greater productivity and efficiency with less stress, then working with the Kolbe System may be the next step in leveling up your team’s well being and results.

Understanding Kolbe allows leaders to: 

  • Identify the talent on your team and the instinctive strengths they bring to the table.
  • Lead team members to achieve greater productivity and efficiency.
  • Hire more effectively.

Emotional Intelligence (EQi2.0)

One way of defining emotional intelligence is a set of social and emotional skills that impact how we perceive and express ourselves, develop and maintain social relationships, cope with challenges and use emotional information in a meaningful way.

How we apply our emotional intelligence skills impacts our overall well being. It’s a key indicator of personal and professional potential. The best part about emotional intelligence?

It is not static. It changes over time.  We can develop emotional intelligence skills so that we can lead more successful lives.

If you’ve reached a certain level of success in either your personal or professional life, but are still not getting the results you want, emotional intelligence may be the missing puzzle piece.

Getting an emotional intelligence assessment and debrief session provides the information, tools and support so you can increase your self awareness and achieve the outcomes you desire.

Melissa Thornley’s coaching has been instrumental in helping me take my leadership to the next level and was instrumental in helping me successfully pivot my live event business to virtual events in 2020. I love working with Melissa because she brings a great energy and creativity to the coaching sessions. Her style is the starting point. She possesses a positive attitude and engaging communication skills that make me look forward to every session. The real gift is her substance. She has a rare gift for speaking the truth in a way that I can hear it so I better hold myself accountable to my goals. Having Melissa in my ‘inner-circle’ has helped me achieve better results at work, and in life. I can’t recommend her highly enough!”

– Brendan Dowd, Director, Institute for Management Studies