What We Do


Virtual Business Workshops

Looking for different results in your team or organization?

  • Understand and develop emotional intelligence skills
  • Embrace and navigate change
  • Improve communication skills
  • Increase collaboration and team effectiveness

We collaborate with you to assess your team’s needs and develop programming to address them.

Executive Coaching

Looking for different results in your life?

  • Identify and leverage unique strengths
  • Assess and learn emotional intelligence skills
  • Enhance executive presence and influence
  • Develop habits to deepen resilience
  • Increase communication skills

We partner with you to better understand current gaps and map a realistic road to better results.

Leadership Development

Looking for programming to support and grow your talent?

  • Women’s leadership
  • Emerging Leaders
  • Mentor programs
  • Political Intelligence

We partner with companies to assess leadership gaps and create content to create outcomes to support the organization’s mission.


Emotional Intelligence Assessment

One way of defining emotional intelligence is a set of social and emotional skills that impact how we perceive and express ourselves, develop and maintain social relationships, cope with challenges and use emotional information in a meaningful way.

How we apply our emotional intelligence skills impacts our overall well being. It’s a key indicator of personal and professional potential. The best part about emotional intelligence? 

It is not static. It changes over time.  We can develop emotional intelligence skills so that we can lead more successful lives. 

If you’ve reached a certain level of success in either your personal or professional life, but are still not getting the results you want, emotional intelligence may be the missing puzzle piece.

Getting an emotional intelligence assessment and debrief session provides the information, tools and support so you can increase your self awareness and achieve the outcomes you desire.

For more information, please contact us here.

Want more info?  Read our 5-part blog series on the building blocks of emotional intelligence.

Wake Up and Show Up (How You Want to Show Up)

Wake Up and Show Up (How You Want to Show Up)

We’re midway through January. What a relief. All of those resolution peddlers have quieted down. None of us need any more noise in our airwaves, especially now. In Decmeber, we talked about acknowledging what is. When we take ourselves out of autopilot mode and look...

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A PSA on Enoughness

A PSA on Enoughness

  Here we are. The last Sunday in November. Some of us had some time off. Some of us worked extra. Some of us traveled. Some of us stayed home. Regardless, many of us may be experiencing that...

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Personal Accountability: A Balancing Act

Personal Accountability: A Balancing Act

Balance beams still cause a wave of anxiety in me. One of my worst gym class memories was somersaulting off of a balance beam. It wasn’t a high beam and I landed on a mat, but I still got a big nasty bruise down my back. Why was somersaulting on a balance beam even a...

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Personal Accountability: Self-Care Can Lead to Productivity

Personal Accountability: Self-Care Can Lead to Productivity

This Personal Accountability reminder comes from Melissa as a Collins Living-Learning Center senator Indiana University Bloomington, 1990-91. Serving in student government her sophomore year meant getting really into writing resolutions. So much so that she composed a...

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The Power of One Small Change

The Power of One Small Change

Nothing like moving a few pieces of furniture around to shift perspective. My office was starting to feel stagnant so Sunday I came in to reevaluate. I moved my desk and the shelves. Even the printer table found a new home. It was like a magic trick. My office...

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