Melissa was thrilled to record a podcast episode for the Fitting Out podcast, created and hosted by Jonah McGuire. With this podcast, Jonah aims to shine a light on the greatness of humanity which exists everywhere by delving into people’s personal journeys as every journey is transformative and involves a great story. Great conversations have the power to transform your life, to shine a light on new possibilities, be it in business, leadership, in the arts and sciences, or on a deep personal level. Fitting Out is an homage to and admiration of those who dare to dream, of those who are different, of those who are creative and embrace their uniqueness and the uniqueness of others.

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Episode Name: Melissa Thornley, Emotional Intelligence Consultant, Content Creator & Coach (PCC): Operating at the intersection of the left brain and right brain-enhancing emotional intelligence.

Description: Melissa operates at the intersection of the left brain and right brain. This sweet spot is where she unlocks the full potential of teams to drive better results. On the one hand, she is a serial content creator: writing, directing, producing, and performing since her 2nd-grade autobiography was published in the Field School Flash. On the other hand, she works with business leaders, entrepreneurs, and artists to best create the impact they desire.

It’s all on the same creative continuum. Through leading creative teams and organizations in the film/ad world, she learned that sharing tools to develop leaders was just as important (and fun) as doing the work itself. So over the past ten years, she shifted her focus to emotional intelligence and leadership skills.

Melissa and her team work with their clients to turn intangible concepts into tangible outcomes for leaders of all levels. Whether it’s a virtual presentation on emotional intelligence or a multiple-session program for women leaders, client collaboration and customization are the foundation. The approach is equal parts inspiration and perspiration to drive results.