This Personal Accountability reminder comes from Melissa as a Collins Living-Learning Center senator Indiana University Bloomington, 1990-91.

Serving in student government her sophomore year meant getting really into writing resolutions. So much so that she composed a resolution we’ll call “Melissa’s Resolution for Radical Self-Care.”

Who knew being kind to one’s self would require a formal resolution and vote?

We’re not suggesting you get this nerdy about your own self-care proclamations. However, we do emphasize that personal accountability starts with you.

How we talk to ourselves, treat ourselves and care for ourselves is our responsibility.

This doesn’t mean we get it right all of the time (or even most of the time).

It’s about loving ourselves totally “with both faults and attributes, pluses and minuses, good and bad” or as the brilliant Robert Ohotto would call it: our FLAWESOMENESS.

Where can you resolve to take better care of yourself?

What’s possible when you do?

We’re looking at Personal Accountability throughout the month of September as part of our #Finish2021Strong series.

Keep it easy breezy and bring an Accountability Buddy along for the ride!

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