Little known fact: my career started in tech. I was a writer at US Robotics, a company that produced computer modems. It was a hub of innovation at the early stages of the internet. It couldn’t have been a better time to be in the tech world. So it couldn’t make me happier than to talk with future forward innovators like CEO Josh Rush and CMO Adam Voss, co-founders of SURREAL.

They’ve taken their expertise as leaders in the live event space and married it with powerful technology from Unreal Engine. The result is a super cool virtual event experience that creates all sorts of opportunities for virtual, hybrid and second screen experiences.  We got together last week to talk about the future of trade shows, sporting events and retail.

What I loved most about our conversation was hearing how they pivoted during the pandemic not just to deal with the pandemic, but to look beyond it to innovate an entirely new type of customer and fan experience.

If you’re interested in levelling up your customer and fan experiences, you don’t want to miss this conversation. More importantly, you can check it out for yourself and download the whitepaper on the future of fan experiences at  SURREAL.